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Our rehabilitation programs offer a fundamental starting point in the drug rehab recovery process. However, it is crucial to recognize that the journey towards a full recovery from addiction is a continuous one. Upon completion of our programs, clients require ongoing support to maintain a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. With the new tools acquired from our 6-month program, participants are equipped to take positive steps towards a brighter future. For those seeking additional support and guidance, we offer continued services to facilitate growth and recovery in all areas of life affected by drug addiction and alcoholism. Our commitment to our clients does not end with the completion of our programs. Instead, we strive to provide ongoing support and resources to support a lasting and sustainable recovery.

INSynergy uses the most innovative approaches that modern medicine has to offer today. And these methods are developed for the exact purpose of providing comfort and safety during detox.

Whether someone needs to detox from alcohol or opioids, there are customized programs developed by Dr. Arturo Taca to meet the needs of the individual. And the results can be life-changing. One can be free of alcohol, heroin, and pain pill addiction…and start a new life without the costly hassles of inpatient treatment.

Outpatient detoxification can be safely achieved in many cases within an hour. And once the INSynergy team starts the process for you, the remaining detox period can be done in the comfort, privacy, and security of your own home while staying in constant communication with our team.

With these innovative treatments, induction can take up to 4 days but many of our clients finally “feel better” on the first day of detox.

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