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Alcohol and Opiate Detox

Alcohol and Opiate Detox

Detox from alcohol, heroin, and opiate pain pills can be a miserable experience. The nausea, vomiting, chills, diarrhea, and bone pain often prevents people from starting a path to recovery. It becomes a cycle for them. They believe that continuing to abuse these substances is the only way to keep the withdrawal symptoms away.

The good news is that outpatient detoxification doesn’t have to be this way. INSynergy uses the most innovative approaches that modern medicine has to offer today. And these methods are developed for the exact purpose of providing comfort and safety during detox.

Whether someone needs to detox from alcohol or opioids, there are customized programs developed by Dr. Arturo Taca to meet the needs of the individual. And the results people can be life-changing. One can be free of alcohol, heroin, and pain pill addiction…and start a new life without the costly hassles of inpatient treatment.

Alcohol and Opiate Detox can be safely achieved in many cases within an hour. And once the INSynergy team starts the process for you, the remaining detox period can be done in the comfort, privacy, and security of your own home while staying in constant communication with our team.

With these innovative treatments, induction can take up to 4 days but many of our clients finally “feel better” on the first day of detox.

What to Expect After Alcohol and Opiate Detox

Once you’ve successfully detoxed from opioids, you’ve pushed through the most feared part of recovery. The goal moving forward is to prevent immediate relapse back into the same cycle that brought you to treatment.

This is done during our outpatient rehab program, where we use proven methods to ensure you remain on your path to recovery.

The protocol that INSynergy developed allows transition from the Bridge to Vivitrol, which is a monthly injection of naltrexone. This is a non-addicting and non-divertable treatment that can be used for both alcohol and opioid addiction recovery.

This treatment method diminishes your desire to abuse alcohol or opiates by blocking opioid molecules from attaching to opioid receptors in the brain.

INSynergy also believes that major changes in ones life must also occur through a process achieved by an INTEGRATED approach of science and psychology. We focus on cognitive distortions, automatic negative thoughts, catastrophizing, and other pathologic thought processes that contribute to a cycle of failure.

If you need immediate Alcohol and Opiate Detox, INSynergy can provide you with a free consultation to assess your treatment needs and get you started on a path to permanent recovery.