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Meet Patricia Kennedy PHD

Meet Patricia Kennedy PHD – a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marital and Family Therapist whose path to becoming a therapist at INSynergy had lots of twists and turns.

Meet Rick Flanagan – Lead Counselor

As someone who has been in recovery himself for a long time, Rick Flanagan, the Lead Counselor for INSynergy, brings a passion and a personal perspective to his work.

Guilt & Shame

Learn how stigma and feelings of guilt and shame feed addiction.

#OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge Launched

ok to be sober

INSynergy has launched the #OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge on social media to promote abstaining from alcohol during #SoberOctober to highlight the benefits of sobriety, end the stigma and support those in recovery.

When Our Helpers Need Help

Physician: Heal Thyself. It is an adage that in many ways has never been timelier than today. Learn how INSynergy is helping medical professionals suffering from drug or alcohol dependence.

Bruce’s Story

Bruce's Story

It has taken most of his adult life, but at age 66, Bruce finally has control over his life because he finally got control over his drinking.

Personalized Addiction Care

INSynergy’s personalized, outpatient, medically-based approach to treating alcohol and drug abuse has helped patients enjoy a life of recovery where other programs have failed.

Genetic Testing For Addiction

Learn more about how INSynergy has been on the cutting edge of using genetic testing to identify not only what may be fueling a patient’s addiction, but also identifying what treatment options will yield the best results.

Susan’s Story

An Addiction Recovery Success Story – Susan’s Story “It doesn’t matter how educated you are, what your color of skin is, if you are a boy if you are a girl, a substance abuse problem will take everything in your life.” St. Louis, April 2021 – Susan’s story is like so many others.  She was […]

A Monthly Vivitrol Shot Helps Patients Stay Sober

A Monthly Vivitrol Shot Helps Patients Stay Sober

Monthly Vivitrol injections, which are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies, are shown to reduce cravings for alcohol and other opiates, as well as block the euphoric feelings addicts get when using, thus helping reinforce treatment.