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Meet Rick Flanagan – Lead Counselor

As someone who has been in recovery himself for a long time, Rick Flanagan, the Lead Counselor for INSynergy, brings a passion and a personal perspective to his work.

Guilt & Shame

Learn how stigma and feelings of guilt and shame feed addiction.

Bruce’s Story

Bruce's Story

It has taken most of his adult life, but at age 66, Bruce finally has control over his life because he finally got control over his drinking.

How Do I Know If I Have a Drinking Problem?

It sounds like a simple question. How do I know if I have a drinking problem? But as the medical team at INSynergy can tell you, there is no simple answer to that all too common question. The answer is different for different people.

Susan’s Story

An Addiction Recovery Success Story – Susan’s Story “It doesn’t matter how educated you are, what your color of skin is, if you are a boy if you are a girl, a substance abuse problem will take everything in your life.” St. Louis, April 2021 – Susan’s story is like so many others.  She was […]