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The Role Of Relapse In Recovery

Understanding The Role Of Relapse In Recovery UNDERSTANDING THE ROLE OF RELAPSE IN RECOVERY St. Louis, MO – August 31, 2022In understanding the role of relapse in recovery we learn that what many might characterize as a “relapse” is actually a natural part of the recovery process for patients battling a dependence issue. For patient’s […]

Meet Hannah Byers, RN

As INSynergy’s Program Coordinator, Hannah Byers’ job is to help new patients get past their fears about treatment. “Usually the first thing I say is that I am not here to judge you,” Hannah says. “I am here to help you.”

Meet Rick Flanagan – Lead Counselor

As someone who has been in recovery himself for a long time, Rick Flanagan, the Lead Counselor for INSynergy, brings a passion and a personal perspective to his work.

Guilt & Shame

Learn how stigma and feelings of guilt and shame feed addiction.

Jerry’s Story

As a highly respected orthopedic surgeon in St. Louis, Jerry knows how to treat patients in pain. Until it was his pain.

#OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge Launched

ok to be sober

INSynergy has launched the #OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge on social media to promote abstaining from alcohol during #SoberOctober to highlight the benefits of sobriety, end the stigma and support those in recovery.

When Our Helpers Need Help

Physician: Heal Thyself. It is an adage that in many ways has never been timelier than today. Learn how INSynergy is helping medical professionals suffering from drug or alcohol dependence.

Doctor Arturo Taca Junior – The Lifesaver

Doctor Taca’s leadership in the field of addiction medicine is fueled by his empathy for patients and his belief that addiction is a mental health diagnosis that should be treated like any other medical issue.