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Detoxing At Home

You don’t have to go to rehab to go to rehab. You can be treated while living at home and continuing other aspects of your life such as working and caring for your family.

St. Louis, February 2021 – Starting over by stopping is one of the hardest things for anyone battling an addiction issue to do.  INSynergy‘s personalized approach to outpatient treatment enables many patients to detox from the comfort of home in the normal course of their life. 

“Addiction is a perfect storm of multiple factors for most people,” Ashley Halker, MHA, INSynergy’s Director of Operations said. “However, they don’t have to go to rehab to go to rehab.”

To detox, means to quit using drugs or alcohol long enough to cleanse the body well enough to begin treating the addiction.  Most INSynergy patients don’t need to stop everything to go to hospital or residential treatment facility to effectively treat their addiction issue.

“Patients tend to do well in their own environment,” Halker said. “In the comfort of their own home, sleeping in their bed, being able to go to their own kitchen when they want to, being able to go to their own bathroom when they want to, and being able to do that comfortably.”

INSynergy’s approach to treating addiction is personalized to each patient based on their own circumstances and needs.  For some patients, detoxing requires a hospital stay.

But for many others, it can be done at home with the right support. Detox can be safely achieved in an outpatient setting, many times within an hour. And once the INSynergy team starts the process, the remaining detox period can be done in the comfort, privacy, and security of a patients own home while staying in constant communication with the team at INSynergy.

“If we feel like medically they require a higher level of care we recommend the hospital,” Dr. Arturo Taca, INSynergy’s Medical Director said.  “But for people who have a strong desire to do this and not have any of their work or their education interrupted we could do this over a period of two to four days. We could detox them on the weekend.”

During home detox, patients are in constant contact with INSynergy’s medical professionals.

And for patients dealing with an opioid addiction issue such as heroin or fentanyl, they may be offered the use of a nerve stimulation device worn on the ear.  The device greatly diminishes the sobriety-defeating side effects of withdrawal. 

Without medical help, detoxing from Heroin or Fentanyl can be extremely unpleasant.  Patients can experience intense flu-like symptoms for days. 

INSynergy pioneered the use of the neuromodulation device to treat pain during the period of opiate/heroin withdrawals. The device has been FDA-cleared to be used in acute or chronic pain, including the pain of opioid withdrawal. It interferes with pain signals from the spine and brain and is easy to install in the office.

“I think you are a little bit more comfortable,” Sue, a former INSynergy patient said of her use of the device to detox as part of her treatment for her opioid addiction. “For me it was having my animals, I was able to just hang on tight. It’s a huge gamechanger.”

Addiction Is An Epidemic Within A Pandemic

The fact that INSynergy specializes in treating patients in a way that allows them to continue with other aspects of their life is particularly relevant now as we all cope with the global pandemic.  The CDC recently released a health alert regarding a surge in overdose deaths.

Addiction is an epidemic within a pandemic, fueled by isolation, depression, anxiety and economic stress.  Often the idea of going into rehab stops people from seeking treatment. That reluctance to start treatment may be compounded by the pandemic.  But it shouldn’t be. 

Like other medical providers, INSynergy has been able to adapt their approach to continue to effectively treat patients.  INSynergy is using telemedicine for individual and group counseling sessions.  They are following health guidelines for seeing patients in person.  INSynergy is effectively treating patients right now, including allowing them to detox from home.

“There is a lot of guilt and shame when people come to us and sometimes people don’t want to go into a hospital or go into a program,” Dr. Taca said. “We give them the same type of treatment, respect and dignity treating them at home. People respond to that.”

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