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Drug and Alcohol Rehab FAQs

ST. LOUIS, Missouri

Are you accepting new patients?

INSynergy is accepting new patients for all of our outpatient treatment programs.

Can I really do detox from home?

Withdrawal from alcohol, opioids, or benzodiazepines can be life threatening. At INSynergy, we can provide medically supervised detox mostly from the comfort of your own home. Our team will assess whether the home environment would be the safest and most comfortable place to detox from alcohol, opioids, or benzos. Medications, medical device use, lab work, vital sign monitoring, and constant communication with our medical team are all part of ensuring a safe detoxification and jump starting your recovery process.

How fast can I get in for an evaluation?

We are available 24/7 for phone inquiries. You will talk to a real live staff member of INSynergy and get you set up for a free, no-obligation, evaluation, as early as that same day or next day.

Who will I see while I am in your program?

Our program is led and supervised by a Board-Certified Psychiatrist/Addictionologist. Part of the medical team includes a psychiatric nurse practitioner and registered nurse, who assist in evaluations and provide day to day medical services to our clients. Our counseling team includes a Ph.D Psychologist trained in marriage, family, and couples counseling, as well as a Master’s level trained therapist Licensed Professional Counselor. Our Director of Operations has a Master’s in Health Administration.

How often can I see the psychiatrist and the other members of you team?

INSynergy’s membership includes a concierge style of services. Depending on the recognized focus, our members can have quick access to anyone on our team and encourage them to take advantage of our unique approach.

Are your therapy services in person or remote?

At this time, we have incorporated both in person and virtual individual and group therapy sessions. We wish to ensure that you feel comfortable gaining the insights that are most appropriate to you and your care. For this reason, many will incorporate a combination of virtual and in office meetings into their treatment plan.

Will you continue to use telehealth after COVID?

Feedback from our members has been extremely positive. We feel that new technologies like telehealth platforms will continue to develop even after the COVID pandemic is over. Telemedicine has quickly become an accepted standard of care in most medical specialties.

Can my family members participate in the program?

Because of our unique approach, we highly recommend that family members take advantage of family therapy, family groups, and family alumni meetings in order for all members in the family to heal. INSynergy wishes to ensure families have the education and support they need in order to heal as a family system.

How often do I need to come while I am in the program?

INSynergy will tailor services around your needs and schedule…not ours. We encourage at least one type of encounter 2 or 3 times a week. This combination will designed to fit YOUR unique needs. At INSynergy, you are not a number but a person.

What are options for aftercare?

INSynergy offers 3-month and 6-month memberships for aftercare after completion of an initial membership of 3 or 6 months. This includes the same psychiatric, medical, individual, group, and family therapy offered in our 3-month stabilization program. There is also the Vivitrol Injection Clinic offered to members who complete our programs and want to continue receiving Vivitrol monthly.

Can I still get my Vivitrol Injection after I complete the program?

INSynergy’s Vivitrol Injection Clinic allows continued access to this medication after our program or after discharge from another facility. INSynergy is a preferred provider for offering continued Vivitrol shots for many local treatment centers in the St. Louis area.

Do you have an alumni program?

Part of the benefits about being a member is accessing the Alumni groups that meet twice a week. There are also Alumni groups for family members once a month as well.

What if I only need detox?

Detox can be the first step in regaining sobriety; however, it is not treatment. INSynergy can provide the support with this important first step. Detox from alcohol, opioid, or benzodiazepines can oftentimes be achieved safely from the comfort of your own home. We implement the latest evidenced base therapies which include medication assisted treatment, neurostimulation, and medical support to ensure a safe detox while at home. After detox, we recommend ongoing treatment that may address the factors that influenced the desire to use substances or drink alcohol. We have a list of trusted partners in the St. Louis area for post-detox care.

What is the cost of program memberships you offer?

We offer several options that can meet your specific needs. Please refer to this link for a list of services, programs, and memberships.

Do you offer discounts?

Discounts are offered in 3- and 6-month options when paid in full.

Does my medical insurance cover your services?

Any medications, labs, outside referrals, special testing such as genetic testing or sleep studies are widely covered by commercial insurances. Because the nature of our unique program, we are working hard to have major insurance carriers recognize and reimburse our services. Depending on your own specific plan benefits, out-of-network services may be covered completely or partially reimbursed. Refer to you own insurance policy for details. We are happy to assist with CPT codes if interested in member submitted out-of-network claims for re-imbursement of services provided.


























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