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meet hannah byers, rn

INSynergy's Program Coordinator

St. Louis, May 7, 2022 – As INSynergy’s Program Coordinator, Hannah Byers’ job is to help new patients get past their fears about treatment.

“Usually the first thing I say is that I am not here to judge you,” Hannah says. “I am here to help you.”

Hannah works with patients to develop a personalized plan for their recovery.

Hannah began working with INSynergy in 2017 as a medical assistant. The experience inspired her to further her education by going to nursing school. After Hannah received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Hannah went to work as a labor and delivery nurse.

After 10 months working as a delivery nurse for a local hospital, Hannah realized her heart was with the people and the work at INSynergy.

“I think I have a lot of compassion for people,” Hannah says. “And I have the ability to tell people they don’t have to have guilt or shame.”

Hannah also spends some of her time working with patients receiving injections of the anit-craving medication Vivitrol.

“I can meet them where they are (emotionally) and that is here to get help,” Hannah says. “I think that is the best feature of what I can offer.”

Hannah’s kind nature and empathy are strengths she brings to her role.

“Hannah is a super sweet, caring individual who is going to do whatever you need to help you through it,” Ashley Halker, INSynergy’s Director of Operations says. “And she will do it with a smile on her face.”

Hannah is one of two sets of siblings working at INSynergy. Hannah’s sister Jordan is a mental health nurse practitioner.

“The family feeling here resonated because we all take care of each other, care for each other,” Doctor Arturo Taca Jr. says.”We know what is going on at a personal level.”

Dr. Taca, the founder of INSynergy, says that having four sisters on staff is one of the factors that makes the entire staff feel like a family.

“We are really making a difference in changing people’s lives,” Hannah says. “Patients come in here every day and tell us thank you so much you saved my life. There is nothing more rewarding than that to me.”