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Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist​

St. Louis, February 2022 – Patricia Kennedy’s path to becoming a therapist at INSynergy had lots of twists and turns.

“I am analytical.  I like to think of myself as insightful,” Patricia Kennedy said. “I like to solve problems.”

Kennedy had several previous careers, including home building. 

It was when she started to see a therapist that she realized some of the weak points in the structure of her life connected back to her parents’ dependence on alcohol.  That insight was a game changing revelation. 

“That was like a shock,” Kennedy said.  “And then I thought oh yeah there was a lot of alcohol.”

“That led me to believe that lots of times people grow up in dysfunctional situations and don’t even realize it,” Kennedy said.  “So that made me want to then work with people who were in that same situation.”

Today, Kennedy is INSynergy’s longest serving therapist.  She holds licenses in both counseling and marriage and family therapy.

“Dr. Kennedy’s training in family and marriage counseling is essential to what we do because addiction is a family problem,” Doctor Arturo Taca Jr., the Medical Director of INSynergy said.  “She brings everybody together and discusses what is the dynamics of the family and she is very skilled at that.”

“Addiction is not just an individual problem, it’s a family systemic problem,” Kennedy said.  “I find that I like working with individuals, but I really, really like working with the families.”

“She will push you and she will not let you settle for less than your best,” Ashley Halker, INSynergy’s Director of Operations said.  “She does it in a way that lets you know that she cares about you.”

“Clients often say when they make that first call that they were really filled with fear and embarrassment,” Kennedy said.  “People are reluctant to disclose that they are having these problems, but making that call is the first step towards a new life.”

“One of the reasons we like our job is that we are really doing valuable work for people, helping people and that’s great,” Kennedy said. “We love it.”

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