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#OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge Announced

Social Media Campaign Promotes Abstinence to Highlight the Benefits of Sobriety, End the Stigma & Support Those in Recovery

sobriety challengeSeptember 30, 2021 – St. Louis Missouri – INSynergy, the premiere outpatient addiction medicine clinic in St. Louis, is launching a social media engagement campaign urging people to abstain from alcohol during the month of October.

The #OKtoBeSober Sobriety Challenge is designed to support those in recovery, educate the public about the benefits of sobriety and raise awareness about the medical condition of alcohol dependence

“We want everyone to realize that it is okay to be sober,” Dr. Arturo Taca Jr., the Medical Director of INSynergy said. “It may sound funny to say that, but for many of our patients, society sends the message that NOT drinking alcohol is abnormal.”

Sobriety is healthy and normal.  The benefits of sobriety will be highlighted and celebrated throughout the #OKtoBeSober campaign to educate the public about a medical issue that impacts millions of families in America.

“While not intentional, today there is a subtle stigma associated with sobriety, and an even larger stigma with getting help for an addiction issue,” Dr. Taca said.  “That is simply wrong.  Stigma can kill.  Stigma can prevent someone from getting help for a treatable medical condition. This campaign is about ending the stigma and supporting those who choose sobriety.”

“We are sponsoring this effort to educate everyone of benefits of sobriety and to support those in recovery,” Dr. Taca said. “We seek to normalize and celebrate sobriety to convey the message that sobriety is healthy, normal and beneficial for many people.”

Anyone can participate in the #OKtoBeSober Challenge by abstaining from alcohol and sharing that fact on their favorite social media platform with hashtag #OKtoBeSober.  You can learn more about the sobriety challenge and the benefits of sobriety at

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