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Addiction Treatment Program

INSynergy is the premier Addiction Treatment Program in the St. Louis Area. We provide Outpatient Rehab options for addiction treatment that meets your personal needs and can fit into your busy lifestyle. Drug or alcohol rehab does not have to be an intimidating experience for people and their families. INSynergy provides a unique approach to addiction management that includes innovative scientific and medical breakthroughs that give you the best chance for change with out outpatient treatment options for substance abuse.

INSynergy monitors your response to medications, nutrition, physical fitness, individual therapy, and group cognitive behavior therapy. This is not an AA or 12-step based program. Cognitive behavior therapy groups are offered both during the day and evenings. All patients are encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible. Individual sessions are held a minimum of once a week. Underlying family dynamics, marital issues, employment issues and legal issues are initially best addressed in individual sessions.



An initial visit starts with a free and confidential consultation with our Program Director. Dr. Taca will determine whether INSynergy is the best fit for your specific addiction. If detox is required, the patient will be offered the best treatment options after a very careful psychiatric and medical evaluation. A baseline panel of blood work is drawn to help establish if organs such as the liver or kidneys have been affected by drug or alcohol use.


INSynergy offers Medically Supervised Detox from the comfort of your own home. Your 1st step for change can begin with detox. However, detox is NOT treatment. Post-detox care is essential for future success. The COVID-19 pandemic has made going to a facility or hospital for detox from drugs or alcohol exceedingly challenging.  INSynergy has addressed this challenge by offering a detox from home option. This allows immediate attention to address the painful and sometimes deadly outcomes from alcohol, benzodiazepine, or opioid withdrawal.

Frequently people addicted to alcohol, benzodiazapines, opiates, pain pills, cocaine and methamphetamines may require acute hospitalization for detoxification to avoid uncomfortable withdrawals or even death from seizures. At this point, our medical team will determine whether detox can be achieved as an outpatient, in the comfort and safety of your own home.

At times we will suggest short inpatient stays at local hospital settings for a high level of care. Most of the time detox can be achieved safely as an outpatient with proper education regarding medications and symptoms of withdrawal.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Untreated or poorly treated psychiatric conditions frequently accompany substance abuse. Our team of Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists will carefully re-assess co- morbid psychiatric conditions with a strong focus on co-morbid psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety, trauma, ADHD, and bipolar disorders are explored. If interested, genetic testing can be recommended to give possible insight to which medications can be the right fit for those situations.

Medical and sleep issues can also influence the desire to use drugs or alcohol and specialized referrals to medical specialist or sleep medicine experts may be recommended.


Many people and even MD’s are unaware of several FDA indicated medications studied and approved for cravings of alcohol and opiates. INSynergy will offer all medications such as Vivitrol for alcohol and opioids, Suboxone for opiates and heroin, and several other medications to treat mood disorders that are useful in keeping people happy and sober.

Although these medications are helpful and many times life saving, these are not cures. They are TOOLS to help persons get the most of their individual psychotherapy and help them understand the biology of addiction.


If members are interested, there are several types of aftercare solutions after the initial 3- month outpatient program.

We offer continued 3- or 6-month memberships with discounts after a successful 3-month stabilization. Our ongoing Membership Programs are designed to give a concierge style of addiction care for the client and their families. This includes continued access to your psychiatrist, family, group, and individual sessions, and medication management for continuity of care.


























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