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Personalized Care During a Pandemic

St. Louis, MO- October 2020 – When presented with the challenges of taking care of patients during the Covid-19 pandemic, INSynergy turned to technology to continue providing personalized treatment virtually.

“I was worried people wouldn’t be engaged because the social aspect of what we do is the core of the experience, but I am very pleased and very proud of our patients,” said Arturo Taca, MD, the founder & Medical Director of INSynergy. “They’ve done well. They are getting what they need from us.  They can always contact us instantly using these various technologies.”

INSynergy is using telemedicine for individual visits as well as weekly group sessions.

“It exceeded my expectations.” said Tom, a member of INSynergy’s alumni group that has been meeting virtually since the start if the pandemic. “I’ve gotten used to it and I think everybody has because we get a good group on every time.”

While the majority of visits with INSynergy patients are now virtual, in-person counseling is always available for those in crisis or those who have acute mental illness.

 “About 20% of our patients are still doing in-person visits at the office,” said Ashley Halker, INSynergy’s Director of Operations.

INSynergy also has a large private deck available that can be used in good weather for counseling sessions.

To keep visitors safe, INSynergy’s facility is sanitized every two hours.  The medical team follows CDC guidelines regarding temperature checks, masks, and social distancing.

While virtual meetings are less personal than INSynergy’s staff would prefer, they are finding advantages as well.

“(Virtual counseling) may encourage more people to come in because they can join a group and not show who they are and just participate, listen and learn from other people,” Dr. Taca said.  “We are all about technology and innovation here.  I think this is here to stay not only in the field of addiction medicine, but all of medicine.”

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Paul Schankman,  (SVN) reporting for INSynergy.

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