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Comprehensive 3-Month
Outpatient Stabilization Program


Includes 10 Day Medically Supervised Detox ($5,000 value)

Discounted Cost $7,000. $500 discount for payment in full at time of enrollment.

Payment Plan: down payment of $5,000 made in first month + two additional $1,250 monthly payments.

Psychiatric care from our board certified addicitonologist

Individual, family, and group experiences

Ongoing medical support from our RN and nurse practitioner plus much more

10 Day Medically Supervised Detox

$ 5,000
  • No discount available with full payment‚Äč
  • Detox from home option
  • FDA approved medications used during withdrawl
  • FDA cleared neurostimulator device used to negate painful withdrawl symptoms
  • Immediate attention to address the painful and sometimes deadly outcomes from alcohol, benzodiazepine, or opioid withdrawal.
  • 10 day detox only program and can give you the head start to engage into a more comprehensive treatment program of your choice.